The BodyCode diet delivers what so many others merely promise. Numerous satisfied customers have already benefited from the programme.


3-phase plan

The BodyCode programme is subdivided into three distinct phases. These include the diet phase (27 days), the stabilisation phase (21 days) and the acquired-behaviour phase (long term).

Phase 1: Diet phase (24 days + 3 transition days)

The diet phase lasts for a total of 27 days. While the meals we recommend for this phase are well-balanced, they contain very little fat and hardly any carbohydrates. As a consequence, your appetite will decline and you'll lose a considerable amount of weight. You may find it helpful during this phase to augment your diet with high quality dietary supplements.

Phase 2: Stabilisation phase (21 days)

During the second phase, you'll gradually adjust your diet to include more protein-rich and carbohydrate-rich foods while at the same time continuing to avoid fat. The goal of the stabilisation phase is to maintain your newly achieved ideal weight.

Phase 3: Acquired-behaviour phase

During the third and final phase your aim will be to reinforce and permanently integrate the habits you've acquired during the initial phases. Our practical tips and special recipes will help you during this phase to maintain your ideal weight. From now on, you'll lead a streamlined and healthy life full of energy. Enjoy it! And the best part is that you’ll be free to continue to enjoy the delicious and well-balanced diet you’ve discovered and come to appreciate.